Coronavirus and AHCC news in China

“Even though the novel coronavirus spreads in Japan, Japanese company provide goods worth tens of millions of yen and a poem was attached.”

On February 21 of 2020, Amino Up Co. Ltd. from Japan provided tens of millions yen of immunity-enhancing products to Wuhan Zhongshan hospital and Leishenshan hospital as the forefront of countermeasures against novel coronavirus through their Chinese partner Suzhou Nuodekang.

依诺金(AHCC) is well-known for improving immunity widely in Japan. The Experts say that both infection and pneumonia prognosis of the coronavirus are directly related to the immunity. In support of the situation in China, Amino Up provided AHCC worth tens of millions of yen in grants through Suzhou Nuodekang as support to doctors and nurses fighting at Wuhan Zhongshan hospital and Leishenshan hospital.

The cardboard box of the provided goods was accompanied by a poem, ““莫言江海天地远,一树樱花共春风 (No matter how far away, a cherry blossom tree would be blown by the same wind).”

Amino Up’s partner, Mr. Wu Hongli, explained about this supply of goods as follows:
“The virus has no borders. In response to the spread of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Amino Up from Japan is worrying about the situation in China as if it is their own, and said that they would like to overcome this difficulty with Chinese friends by cooperating with medical institutions in Wuhan as much as possible.
As you know, there is a serious shortage of medical supplies in front-line cities fighting the virus like Wuhan.
They quickly offered to provide supplies to China and took immediate action.
With the cooperation of many people, the supply was realized by the Hubei Province Health Committee.
The meaning of the poem is that ‘no matter how far away, cherry blossoms in both Japan and China are in full bloom in the same spring breeze.’
Cherry blossoms are a symbol of Japan. Wuhan is also famous for cherry blossoms, especially, the cherry blossoms in Wuhan University where the Wuhan Zhongshan hospital presents are the most famous in China.”